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Enhanced safety measures including sterilization and proper protective equipment are being used during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. We are operating by appointment only.

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We truly care about the health of your eyes, and offer local vision care to all your family members as if they were our own family. Our mission is to provide the highest level of preventative eye care, eye exams, emergency treatment as well as the management of ocular diseases. Dr. Chinn's Vision Care offers a large variety of opticals, such as designer eyeglasses, stylish frames, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

At Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care, we pride ourselves in offering our patients the best eye care experience with advanced and updated technology to help us diagnose, treat, and manage eye conditions. Our doctors specialize in dry eye treatment, glaucoma, diabetes and retinal and nerve conditions. They do more than 1 and 2!

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Our Patient Testimonials Say it Best
Met with all female staff at the time I went in. They were so friendly, accommodating, clean, and awesome!
- Brandy S.
Morena is Excellent customer service and knowledge. Knew exactly what type of eyeglasses to select for me. Love my mew EGs!
- Angela E.
Dr. Chinn is the best, I've never had such a friendly, welcoming, and sweet eye doctor! My visit was quick and efficient, but still personal. Love that I get to support a small family-owned business too.
- Aoife L.
Unparalleled patient and professional skills demonstrated each and every appointment. I am proud to tell friends and casual acquaintances that they should choose Dr. Chinn's Vision Care.
Love both Dr. Chinn’s (father and daughter), and the whole staff. They are always friendly and professional, and even during the pandemic continued to offer excellent and safe care. Updated 12/22/21: still love the team at Dr. Chinn's Vision Care. They are so professional and kind. They are also really great about letting you know anticipated costs/co-pays, and take the time to walk you through all of your options (types of contact lenses, glasses, etc.). I also like that they review my optic scanner images from over the years to show me comparisons and explain everything. I started my care with Dr. Chinn several years ago before I moved to LA, and I still drive back to San Diego for appointments with them.
- Leilani S.
Morena was AWESOME. She assisted with my purchase of 3 pairs of Tom Ford eyeglass frames, each fitted with Varilux progressive/transition lenses.
- e22 f.

Your Vision Is Our Focus

We have world-leading, innovative diagnostic and imaging equipment including LipiScan and LipiFlow for Dry Eye Treatment to provide you with peace of mind that you’ll receive the best care for your eyes.

Treat yourself (and your peepers) to the latest in fashionable eyewear. Come by to check out our newest collection of modern and vintage-style designer glasses or prescription glasses. And while you’re at it, why not add a blue light filter to your glasses. Learn more about our computer glasses and how they may protect your eyes and improve your sleep.

Don’t have an updated prescription? Book an eye exam today and get your personalized fitting at Dr. Chinn's Vision Care and experience San Diego‘s newest home of remarkable eyewear in person.

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Couple Summer Outfit and Designer Eyeglass

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