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Making Eyeglasses Lens Cloths Cool

Featured in Vision Monday Magazine

Dr. Chinn's Vision Care finds a way to give back to the community by spreading awareness of local artists and collaborating with them!

In San Diego, father-daughter team Stephen Chinn, OD and Jennifer Chinn, OD, have found a new way to connect with their community—through art. This year, Dr. Chinn Vision Care launched a series of collaborations with local artists. As part of the collaboration, local artists design limited edition lens cloths in exchange for eyecare at the practice. The lenses, which are limited edition and change with each season, are available when a patient purchases frames at Dr. Chinn’s Vision Care...

Vision Monday


San Diego and North Park have a history rich with culture and art that brings the city to life. We want to help keep San Diego, and North Park vibrant by supporting local artists through access to eye care. Vision allows us to dream, imagine, and gives the world hope. In exchange for eye care, local artists will help design limited edition lens cloths. We hope you love the beautiful lens cloth designs this collaborative initiative creates and learn more about the artists below!

Dont Trip



Don’t trip is an artist born and raised in San Diego. He was created from classroom doodles in high school and has evolved ever since. The character known as dont trip has been painted on anything and everything for about 15 years now! Whether seen in a gallery, in the street while on a walk, or inside someone’s home, this character has always been meant to make people feel good when they see him. If you haven’t caught one around town, then you can find some smaller pieces down the road at VISUAL or you can always inquire about art through his ig.

5.5_X_6.5_Lens_Cloth min 640x640



I’m a San Diego native that goes by the artist name Blue funk. I’m exceptionally colorblind and try to use this to my artwork’s advantage! Putting wild and funky colors together to create something the average eye may not expect. I like to spend my days painting murals, creating illustrations, and making mixed media artwork. If you stroll around North Park, you’re sure to find some of my work as well! You can find more of my artwork on instagram @bluefunkcollective , TikTok @bluefunk_ , Or on Etsy @

sinserelysunshinecat art 640x640

FALL 2022


Meet Ash aka sincerelysunshinecat, filipina artist and streamer based in San Diego, California! She loves to bring smiles into the world through her art and enjoys the challenge of bringing her doodie characters to life in many ways. Doodie has turned into paintings, digital art, 3d printed art, merch, stickers, pins and more! Ash is very grateful for her art community that is filled with so much love and spans the entire globe. Feel free to check out her shop at and connect with her on these platforms:

30 01 min 640x640



Milan Finnie was raised in Imperial Beach, San Diego. She is an artist who intertwines studio art with graphic design. Her inspiration comes from cultures all over the world, ancient patterns, and connection with the earth. She has recently been inspired by the vivid colors in nature and the organic flow of watercolor. Milan has channelled her love for animation to create playful compositions that are bright and colorful. To see more of Milan’s work, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram: @milan.finnie

lulu lens cloth 640x640



Lulu Yueming Qu is a professional artist and art teacher with the US Arts Education Center in San Diego. She moved from Beijing to New York in 2014 and relocated to San Diego in 2018, and founded her LLC “LULU.LIVE ART” in 2019. She has a Master’s degree in traditional Chinese painting at Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and a second Master’s in Illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York; granting her a unique artistic style. Her clients Include magazines, restaurants, fashion studios and education programs, such as GoodWill NYNJ, Eurostar, China National Radio, Joe’s Pizza, Angelika Film Center, FIT Foundation, MILK x HongKong Magazine, Institute of Culinary Education, Edible Magazine, ArtReach, SDG&E, Serena & Lily …
You can view Lulu’s portfolio at her personal website:

Follow her on instagram: @qululululu.

Channin 640x640



Channin Fulton is an artist and designer from San Diego, California. She runs a studio business specializing in branding and illustration. Aside from Beyoncé and chocolate chip cookies, a huge inspiration for Channin is the environment around her, bringing a “California vibe” into her work through bold shape and vibrant color. Think: graphic equivalent of a smile or a hug.

See more of her work at and follow her on instagram @channinfulton.

Screenshot_20210911 195605 1 640x640

FALL 2021


Shirish Villasenor is a local San Diego artist that specializes in surreal portraits but loves the idea of just creating something new. She dedicates her time as a muralist and loves adding color and dimensions to walls to redefine an area, to recreate the narrative of a surrounding neighborhood. You can follow her team efforts at

Sandra Escobar 640x640



“My artistic inspiration derives from my Latin American roots, nourished by vibrant aspects, from the particularities of everyday life, the connection with my inner child, and the ability to create something from nothing without judgment” – Sandra R. Escobar

Born in Colombia, based in California. Her art is the hybrid of evolving cultures, and a mind that does not cease to create. Her work has become her autobiography, speaking volumes about who she is, what she has seen and where she has been.

Exploring the coexistence of the unseen and the observed and an ever-growing curiosity about all the things that the world had to offer. Escobar’s work is the result of years spent immersed in the urban scene practicing aggressive in-line skate, downhill, and riding motorcycles. Escobar’s diversity as a visual artist flows into vibrant canvases to murals and hand made rugs. Her creations are characterized by its sheer busyness: it’s packed with strange symbols, odd characters and complex scenes, inviting viewers to be immersed and decipher them more. Sandra’s art communicates freedom and passion.

Each work is infused with the devotion to conceive vibrant and unique pieces of modern art full of liveliness. She won her first international art competition in 2014, and since then, she has exhibited her pieces in Laguna Beach, USA – Santa Ana, USA – Friedrichshafen, Germany – Amsterdam, Holland and Antwerp, Belgium.

You can find more of her work on her website:
And be sure to follow her on Instagram @SandraREscobar

2nd Quarter 640x640



Sarah Ann is the multi-faceted local San Diego artist behind Sarah Ann Artwork. She works with all types of mediums such as drawing, painting, tattoo design and graphic design. She believes art and creation is a form of self love and healing. She has been a freelance artist and graphic designer for 6 years now and absolutely loves being able to create art. She loves incorporating the feelings of love and positive energy in hopes that the viewer will feel happiness when viewing her art. You can see more of her artwork on Instagram, or by using the link: If you would like to contact her directly please email her at

1st Quarter 640x640



Erin Bowman is the local illustrator and muralist behind Soul Flow Creations, living in North Park, San Diego. Her biggest inspirations are love, nature, and magic. She makes art with the intention of bringing light and color to the world. Her hope is that her art brings a bright spot to your day! You can check out her work and artwork for sale at and on instagram @soulflowcreations.